Kompleksowa obróbka metali

We provide CNC machining for various metalwork purposes: milling, turning, drilling, punching, buffing, and cutting.

We use 3-axis and 5-axis machining methods, automated drilling machines, routers, grinding machines, rolling machines, sheet metal cutting, and a variety of other tools.

When working with us, you are ensured to:

  • receive quality customer service,
  • on-time delivery,
  • excellent value at reasonable price point.

We provide a wide range of meat-processing equipment, e.g.  cutters, shredders, sieves, emulsifier accessories, sieves, appropriate for your factory use. We do produce custom industrial equipment to meet any unusual requirements!

You are most welcome to contact us for answers to all your questions. Our team is here to help! Should you have any questions, contact us by phone or email.